Bleeding hearts and aching bones, how much longer will I mourn.

Love was meant, till death do us part. Yet you still, breathe in my heart.

Struggling to keep up, with life’s demand. When your buried, 6 feet under sand.

Your tombstone reads mother, daughter and wife. I should have wrote, here resides my life.

We judge too soon, flare up too fast. You left here first, leaving me last.

All the roads, are leading one way. Spiralling down, I’m a castaway.

Fighting a war, that no one else can see. To unlock life’s gifts, but you were the key.



With dreams & aspirations so high, how close to the sun must you fly.

If everything you hoped for is taken away, how long will you survive for in this dismay.

Be strong, like the will of a lion. Always keep moving, always keep tryin

You never know when, you stop growing. What if the next time you tried, rivers would be flowing.

Keep pushing through, even if the world does not deem it. Destiny is yours to make, not for luck to decide it

Those with passion, will always keep smiling. Those with regret will always keep drowning.

Learn from your mistakes, do not let it define you. Get back up again & do what defines you.

Life will push you through, mountains and stones. You must stand strong with your heart and bones.

And when it is all over, that is when you will see. If you had given up, then this would not be



Walking the streets, I once knew too well. All has changed but the wedding bells

In a place where, hundreds once stood. There lies nothing, but rubble and wood

I see the whole church, has turned to ashes. Fading memories, back again with flashes

A day where nothing seemed to be wrong, except the person who wrote this song

For she thought, she knew who he was. The truth silent, from all the applause

Years passed by, before she could finally see. The man she married, wasn’t who he seemed to be




Feelings of the Heart

A wandering soul, once had a purpose. A beating heart, once had hope

The choices we made, lead us down this road. Where a beating heart, beat no more

Where a soul once, chased its dreams. Now lies nothing, but pains and screams

The last of the candles, have finally burnt out. I guess our time, has finally run out

Running into, the blaze of hell fire. To light the candles, of his heart’s desire

But there she stood, in the centre of it all. What she said next, my heart recalls

You’ve burnt everything, all I’ve ever built. Wrecked it all, with no remorse or guilt

There I stood, as she saw my tears. Our eyes spoke, in the midst of my fears

Not knowing when, he’d ever see her again.

She had already said goodbye, he just never knew when

Feelings of the Heart