The Dancer

The world may never understand

The beauty with which you grace the land

Everyone watching, feels hypnotised

When you dance, you mesmerise

But this gift may feel like a curse

When all family and friends do is make you feel worse

Sometimes it is best, just to let go

And let your body move with the flow

Feel every bit of pain and every bit of love

Become an inner sanctum of peace, become the dove

Follow your dreams and follow your heart

On this journey, you must depart

To find the secret of living peacefully

You must indulge in a dance with serenity

I Am

I am failure, I am hope
I will ski down this mountain slope

I can walk, I can fly
I will soar through the sky

I am weak, I am strong
I know exactly where I belong

I can fall, I can rise
I will not not live under this guise

I am lies, I am truth
I will always cherish my youth

I can frown, I can smile
I will be here for a while

I am afraid, I am brave
I will not rest till I am in the grave

I am you, I am everyone
I am what it means to be human

Let Her Go

It all began, when I first laid eyes on her

A moment so clear it will never blur

I saw her for all that she could become

I knew it right then that she was the one

A modest soul so unaware of all her capabilities

Who would go on to accomplish all her hopes and dreams

A casual conversation blossomed into a deep understanding of the souls

Believing that in a previous life we made each other whole

And our love would again transcend to another lifetime

Born in pairs, I could not believe I had found mine

A soul I could cherish forever, a soul that holds me together

Her voice so soothing you forget the pain

Her smile so mesmerising you dance in the rain

Her smell so pacifying you break free from the chains

I could not believe, that I found the one

But an inevitable end has indeed begun

The more I hold on to, the further she moves away

The more I need her, the less she wants to stay

Love is about selflessness and needing someone transforms it into selfishness

Which is why, I now realise.

For our love to truly transcend boundaries and reach the skies

I must let you go.


When your world is falling apart

And there’s nothing you can do but silently watch

When you see all that you love taken away

Torn between the past and this day

Remembering all that you once possessed

Are now memories of a mind depressed

Image result for torn



My dear friend,

How we wish you could have stayed a while

How we wish we could once again see you smile

Even though we may be worlds apart

You will forever live on in our hearts

You leave us here, with nothing but good memories

Smiling at us, as we recall those stories

Wishing you peace, love and happiness up there

You’re not alone, we’re sending mountains of prayer

Things will never go back to being the same

We’ll always smile when we take your name


Its never good bye, this isn’t the end

I’ll see you again, my dear friend 


Aimlessly wandering, with a hopeless dream

Everyday a tear, in an endless stream

Breathing but not living, beating but not feeling

Ain’t a life worth living, when you’re always screaming

For joy, in pain, all my love was in vain.

Never rising above the ashes, a flickering light only flashes

A noose round my neck, tighten the string just to check.

Last words don’t need to be said, I’ve played my part, its time to be dead.

You seldom think, anything better is left

Living the life I lived, hurting the way I did

How one fateful night, summoning all my will to fight.

Just one more day, left to be saved.

Just one more day, for the love I craved

Out in the distance, there shines a light.

Illuminating the dark skies, into something bright.

Mother Earth

shutterstock_301538918-1000x630.jpgA place where we all thought, we belong

A place where we all could, just get along

But human nature, came into play

Destroying everything, that stood in it’s way

A selfish being, with no end in sight

Consuming everything, that brought delight

Something mother earth, had never seen

Brought to life, by a selfish being

Chaos and mayhem, wherever it stepped

While mother earth, quietly wept

A being full of, endless possibility

Wrecked destruction, without responsibility

How long must she, endure this hatred

If only we understood, we’re related

Our world could, be a peaceful place

If we wiped out, the human race





Slow Poison

410958.jpgIn a lonely world, with nothing to show

He lies broken, with the faintest glow

With no desire, of moving on

Burning pictures, of the one who’s gone

Memories that, run through the mind

The perfect one, that he’ll never  find

Finding a cure, for his depression

That lies buried, in a confession

Whats become, a mindless obsession

Has lead to a, new found aggression

The first impression

That lead to oppression




He needs her, now more than ever

But little does he know, that she’s gone forever


The Light


A beautiful girl, with a beautiful soul

A meddled youth, with a heart of gold

Experiences they could  have had together

A life they could have lived forever

One slip up and its all destroyed

Looking to fill an empty void

A journey that, never began

A journey that, should have never end

A destination, never reached

Life’s long mystery, out of reach

The fading light, used to shine so bright

But all our fights, have drowned its light

The emptiness fills us all inside

With nothingness there’s no end in sight