The Dancer

The world may never understand

The beauty with which you grace the land

Everyone watching, feels hypnotised

When you dance, you mesmerise

But this gift may feel like a curse

When all family and friends do is make you feel worse

Sometimes it is best, just to let go

And let your body move with the flow

Feel every bit of pain and every bit of love

Become an inner sanctum of peace, become the dove

Follow your dreams and follow your heart

On this journey, you must depart

To find the secret of living peacefully

You must indulge in a dance with serenity

I Am

I am failure, I am hope
I will ski down this mountain slope

I can walk, I can fly
I will soar through the sky

I am weak, I am strong
I know exactly where I belong

I can fall, I can rise
I will not not live under this guise

I am lies, I am truth
I will always cherish my youth

I can frown, I can smile
I will be here for a while

I am afraid, I am brave
I will not rest till I am in the grave

I am you, I am everyone
I am what it means to be human