Let Her Go

It all began, when I first laid eyes on her

A moment so clear it will never blur

I saw her for all that she could become

I knew it right then that she was the one

A modest soul so unaware of all her capabilities

Who would go on to accomplish all her hopes and dreams

A casual conversation blossomed into a deep understanding of the souls

Believing that in a previous life we made each other whole

And our love would again transcend to another lifetime

Born in pairs, I could not believe I had found mine

A soul I could cherish forever, a soul that holds me together

Her voice so soothing you forget the pain

Her smile so mesmerising you dance in the rain

Her smell so pacifying you break free from the chains

I could not believe, that I found the one

But an inevitable end has indeed begun

The more I hold on to, the further she moves away

The more I need her, the less she wants to stay

Love is about selflessness and needing someone transforms it into selfishness

Which is why, I now realise.

For our love to truly transcend boundaries and reach the skies

I must let you go.