Aimlessly wandering, with a hopeless dream

Everyday a tear, in an endless stream

Breathing but not living, beating but not feeling

Ain’t a life worth living, when you’re always screaming

For joy, in pain, all my love was in vain.

Never rising above the ashes, a flickering light only flashes

A noose round my neck, tighten the string just to check.

Last words don’t need to be said, I’ve played my part, its time to be dead.

You seldom think, anything better is left

Living the life I lived, hurting the way I did

How one fateful night, summoning all my will to fight.

Just one more day, left to be saved.

Just one more day, for the love I craved

Out in the distance, there shines a light.

Illuminating the dark skies, into something bright.

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